Bulldozer Website Designed and DEVELOPED by Pinion

Case Study

Bulldozer - Case Study

The first time Pinion met with Bulldozer, we showed them a design we had in mind for their website. Bulldozer loved the design and within a few days we started working on the development.

The next 2 month we had quick 30 minute progress meetings every two weeks. Pinion briefed Bulldozer how they could manpiulate the content on each page, while taking input from Bulldozer on improvments.

Right on time, the website was launched and the result was great. Bulldozer availed of the maintenance and hosting agreement from Pinion so that they dont have to worry about anything.

From presentation of the design, throughout the development, and after launching the website; Bulldozer has had full insight into the process, while not spending much of their own time, trusting the responsibility with Pinion.


Experience Our Process

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