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Proscreen - Motivation, Insight, Competency

Proscreen is a norwegian company offering a tool to motivate employees and offer insight for managers through gamification and engagement.

Pinion was given keywords for the content of the video, and using the design guidlines that Pinion has already created for Proscreen were able to show several different style charts for Proscreen to look at. This way we were able to choose a style for the video and progress over to create a storyboard for the video.

Using the script we created audio files with computer generated voice over and started the basic animations to create several early versions of the video to allign the expectations with the stakeholders.

When the animation were completed the video was sent over to a professional voice over artist to record the voice over. The whole process took about 2 weeks.


Waterworks - water purifications

Waterworks provided Pinion with a script for the video, which Pinion totally rewrote. When the new script was approved, we created a style board illustrating 5-6 different style directions for the video, and after deciding on a style we created a slideshow video using static images and computer generated voice over to get a good feel for the length and pacing of the video.

After completing the animation, the video with computer generated voice over was sent to a voice over artist to create the proffesional voice over. The whole process took about 2 weeks.

Vestland DC

Vestland DC - Data center

Vestland DC needed an explainer video to give potential investor a quick way to understand the value proposition. The script was provided to Pinion and from this we created a quick video focusing on the key messages in the script.

The video was used on crowdfunding websites and shared on social media.


Our process

Script work

Pinion can help you with the script either by writing it for you or working with your own drafts.

Style map

We offer several choices of style for the video at an early stage, each style is custom made just for you.

Static slideshow

Before animating the video, we give you a slideshow showing each scene with a computer generated voice over. So that you get a great feel for the video as early as possible.

Animation with voice over

When we're all set on script, scenes and style, the animation work will start and finally the professional voice over is created and added on top.


Experience Our Process

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